Use and Copyright

Psychometric research suggests that the DOCS is a reliable and valid measure of the severity of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in people with OCD, other psychological disorders (particularly anxiety and depressive problems), and in non-clinical individuals. The scale is for adults, although a child version is being developed.

The copyright for the DOCS belongs to Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD.

The DOCS is free for use in most research and in clinical settings to assess obsessive-compulsive symptoms. In fact, we encourage you to download and use the measure for these purposes.

If you plan to profit from using the DOCS (e.g., by including it on a website or app where you will charge money to customers), or use it in an industry-sponsored clinical trial, you are required to obtain permission and pay a fee to Dr. Abramowitz.

If you plan to modify the DOCS, or conduct research investigating alternate forms of the measure, you are also required to obtain permission from Dr. Abramowitz.

Please contact Dr. Abramowitz ( if you have any questions about use or copyright issues.